Established in 2016, the Scituate Education Foundation recognizes that Scituate Public School Alumni are making a difference locally and globally. Having grown up in Scituate, you know firsthand how residents of this small town are committed to helping neighbors and building a strong sense of community. We want to ensure these connections are available to you as a Scituate Public School Graduate.

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Gabrielle Svenning ’91

Gabrielle Svenning ’91, a founding member of the Scituate Education Foundation, recalls many memories from her days as a student in Scituate. “I'll never forget learning about beach ecology while traipsing through the dunes alongside my 6th grade classmates and our science teacher, Mr. Ball (who is now an active member of the historical society) or being coached by Mr. Smith to run wind sprints uphill while wearing a weighted vest.” And while Gabrielle left Scituate after high school to experience life in many other places, the salt air and her family brought her back. She adds, “I'm happy to say that many of the wonderful friends I made while growing up are still in my life. I think that's in part because we're forever bonded by growing up in such a unique place. I'm proud to be a native and even happier to be able to raise my family here today.”

Susan Scotti Smith ‘91

As a mom of four and a nurse midwife at South Shore Hospital, Susan Scotti Smith ’91 knows that “it takes a village” to raise a family. She says, “Working in our community is greatly rewarding and it is so much fun to watch friends grow their families right here where we all started. Raising my children in Scituate has been a true blessing!” After graduating from Scituate High School, Susan attended St. Michael’s College and went on to receive her M.S. in the Nurse Midwifery program at Columbia University. Her inspiration for her career began right at Scituate High in her senior year anatomy and physiology class. “Dissecting a pregnant cat was an all-time academic high for me for sure!”


Laura Furman ‘91

Laura Furman ’91, now a resident of Chicago, is the owner of Blossom Therapy, a pediatric occupational therapy practice. She tells us that she works with newborns to three-year-olds as part of the Early Intervention Program of Illinois. While she doesn’t live near the ocean now, growing up in Scituate instilled this lifelong lesson: “When in doubt, look to the ocean. Its soothing lullaby that makes everything better.”