Established in 2016, the Scituate Education Foundation recognizes that Scituate Public School Alumni are making a difference locally and globally. Having grown up in Scituate, you know firsthand how residents of this small town are committed to helping neighbors and building a strong sense of community. We want to ensure these connections are available to you as a Scituate Public School Graduate.

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Matthew Poirier ‘84

Scituate High Basketball Coach and Middle School Teacher Matt Poirier ’84 can’t imagine living anywhere else. He says, “The second I moved to Scituate on June 15, 1978, I knew I would love it here. I remember the date because right away I knew it would be my home for the rest of my life. My own years at Scituate High School were so special to me.” Matt has worked in Scituate public schools for two decades and his Sailor pride shines every day. “I beg my students and my players to understand how lucky they are to live here, to go to school here, and to wear the Scituate blue jersey. I tell them, do not suggest it, to be proud of this community, represent it accordingly, and know that one day even if you move away, Scituate will always be a place you will call home.”