Our goal is to establish a volunteer Board of Directors that is dedicated to working towards the mission and vision of SEF.  The members of Advisory are individuals who bring specific knowledge to help us be effective. 

We continuously seek to have volunteers who represent each school as well as diversity in our demographics. Additionally, our structure includes four committees: fundraising, grants, communication and governance.  

To facilitate the grant process and flow of information we have a representative from each school/organization matched with a liaison from SEF. 

If you would like to learn more about who is involved, please read our bios. 

If you are interested in volunteering for SEF, please contact us.


Tracy Shepard, President

Emily Mathews, Co-Vice President, Fundraising Committee 

Laurie Kelly, Co-Vice President, Communications Chair

Heather Dillon, Treasurer, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Adam St. Jean, Clerk, Fundraising Committee

Elizabeth Holthaus, Member, Communications Committee

Jill King, Member, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Jen Driscoll, Member, Grant Committee Co-Chair

Jay Swartz, Member, Grant Committee Co-Chair

Kate Pescatore, Member, Communications Committee

Adele McCarthy, Member, SPS Liaison

Susannah Adams, Member, Fundraising Committee

Abby Korman, Member, Fundraising Committee

Adam St. Jean, Member, Fundraising Committee

Lauren Shea, Member, Fundraising Committee

Stacey Caplinger, Member, Fundraising Committee

Danielle Driscoll, Member, Fundraising Committee

Jen Morrison, Member, Grant Committee

Deb Lengen, Member, Governance Committee

Gabrielle Svenning, Director Emeritus, Communications Committee

Katina Bentley, Director Emeritus, Communications Committee

Adam Conrad, Director Emeritus



Maggie Grove, VP for Strategy and Operations at Campus Compact, Scituate Resident

Mimi Svenning, Retired Teacher, Scituate Resident

Ron Griffin, Superintendent of Scituate Public Schools

Harvey Gates, Scituate Resident

Peter Gates, Scituate School Committee

Steve Maguire, SPS Teacher, Scituate Resident

Tom + Keri Cavanagh, Legal Advisors

Katie Konecko, Accounting