Jen Mauceri

is a native Scituate comedian and actor. She graduated from Scituate High School in 1990. Even though she struggled with dyslexia, Jen continued on to Westfield State and in 1994 she graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice. She married in 1997 and became a stay at home mom to three children. It was definitely one of her most challenging, yet rewarding, jobs of her life. After a terrible divorce in 2008, Jen returned to her hometown of Scituate with her three children. In an effort to treat an alcohol and opioid addiction, she entered into a rehabilitation center and has been sober since August 1, 2011. Through the entire process she maintained her sense of humor, her strongest and most outstanding quality. A year later, in December of 2012, she was hired by Boston Duck Tours as a Captain Tour Guide and continues to work that job today. She added stand-up comedian to her resume in 2017, traveling the state performing in clubs and working fundraisers. While her challenges have been significant she has not lost her funny. Jen enjoys making people laugh, performing, and helping others. She ends most of her shows with a relatable understanding of her mission, “I am a six-foot-two, left-handed red-head, dyslexic alcoholic, drug-addicted single parent of three wonderful teenagers. If I can laugh, so can you!”