Scituate Colorscapes Gallery

SCITUATE COLORSCAPES is a showcase of Scituate’s finest photographers.  The Gallery celebrates the colors that make Scituate unique and such a special place to live.  The images collectively will tell the story of our town and reflect the bond that unites us all. Each image will be auctioned off so attendees can bring a piece of our beautiful town into their homes to be enjoyed.

Scroll down for a complete list of names.

colorscapes initials.png

Thank you to this amazing group of photographers who willingly donated one of their photographs for this gallery.
Where available, we have linked to their individual websites or social media pages so that you may learn more.

Kjeld Mahoney | Nick Bellistri | Danielle Driscoll | Jess Hurley Scott
Katina Bentley | Dave Simmer | Elizabeth Horne | Danielle Robertson | Matt Stone
Ann Marie Rollo | Kat Hanafin | Christina Runnals | Jaime Novak | Jenni Dehn
Greg Hunnefeld | Dana Spires | Donna Farrington | Maggie Blake