2019 Grant awards

This year Scituate Education Foundation was pleased to receive a total of twenty-eight grant proposals, requesting more than $123,000 in funding. Collectively, they reflected our mission to promote diverse lifelong learning opportunities in Scituate. Individually, the applications were creative and thoughtfully crafted, making our task to select those to fund both challenging and rewarding. We are delighted to be able to invest over $60,000 in educational programming for the coming year. The smallest awarded grant was for $250 and the largest awarded grant was for $11,210. Since inception, SEF has invested $166,605 back to the community.

science | Math

  • NSRWA: "Watershed Youth Stewardship Program"

  • Gates Middle School: "Living Laboratory - Phase III”

technology | Engineering

  • SPS Elementary Schools: "Robotics Lab"

  • SPS Elementary Schools: "Engineering in Elementary"


  • Scituate Town Library: "Tween Writing Workshop"

  • SPS Elementary Schools: "Expanding Playaway Access to 2nd & 3rd Graders"

  • SPS Elementary Schools: "Essential Resources for Teaching Writing"

  • Hatherly Elementary School: "Building Community through One Book, One School"

  • Gates Middle & Scituate High Schools: "Listenwise to Listen Well"


  • SPS Special Education: "Extracurriculars"

  • Scituate Historical Society & Scituate Garden Club: "Farm and Garden Day at the Mann House"

arts | MusiC

  • Choral Art Society of the South Shore: "Fanny & Felix - Choral Works of the Mendelssons"

  • South Shore Art Center: "ART! Speaks Out"

  • Scituate Council on Aging: "Art for Your Mind"

  • Scituate High School: "Ableton Push Units and Software for Music Technology"

  • SPS Elementary Schools: "Music Video Project"

well-being | mindfulness | Community

  • Scituate Town Library: "Coffee Talks for the Non-Traditional Worker"

  • CORSE: "Collaborative Community Student Internships"

  • Scituate Community Christmas: "A Seat the the Table"

  • Scituate High All-Night Party: "All Night Long"

  • Scituate Public Schools: "METCO Meet-Ups"

  • SPS Early Childhood Center: "Playground Support"