2018 Grant awards

This year Scituate Education Foundation was pleased to receive a total of thirty-two grant proposals, requesting more than $80,000 in funding.  Collectively, they reflected our mission to promote diverse lifelong learning opportunities in Scituate. Individually, the applications were creative and thoughtfully crafted, making our task to select those to fund both challenging and rewarding. We are delighted to be able to invest over $55,000 in educational programming for the coming year. The smallest awarded grant was for $150 and the largest awarded grant was for $5529. Since inception, SEF has invested $106,575 back to the community.

science | Math

  • Gates Middle School: "Living Laboratory - Phase II"
  • NSRWA + Cushing Elementary: "Scituate Students learn about Dune and Beach Ecology"
  • Scituate Early Childhood Center: "Tide pools and Marine Curriculum with the New England Aquarium"
  • Gates Intermediate School: "Eight Grade Food Labs with a Professional Chef"

technology | Engineering

  • Gates Intermediate School + Scituate STEAM Collaborative: "Maker Girls & Allies for Good"
  • Hatherly Elementary School: "iPads in the Classroom for Small Group and Center Enhancement"
  • Scituate Elementary Schools: "Novel Engineering K-5"
  • Cushing Elementary School: "Magna Tiles for Kindergarten Classrooms"
  • Scituate Town Library: "Tinker Tots - A Tinkering Program for Preschoolers"
  • Cushing Elementary School: "Class Orbit"

arts | LANGUAGE | HISTORY | Music

  • Scituate Elementary Schools: "Playaway and Let Me Listen to Learn"
  • Scituate Elementary Schools: "Framing Professional Development"
  • Scituate Historical Society: "History of Scituate"
  • Jenkins Elementary School: "The Wild Robot: A STEAM-Based One School, One Book Read"
  • Scituate Elementary Schools: "New Prints for Docent Art Program"

well-being | mindfulness | Community

  • Scituate Recreation & CORSE: "Integrated Summer Volunteer Training Program"
  • Wampatuck Elementary School: "Alternative Seating"
  • Jenkins Elementary School: "Flexible Seating in the K-5 Classroom"
  • Scituate Council on Aging: "Rebooting our Memories"
  • Cushing Elementary School: "School Day Gardening Lessons with Holly Hill Farm"
  • Scituate High School and Gates Intermediate School: "Healthy Food Initiative"
  • Gates Intermediate School: "Yoga + Mindfulness Series"
  • Scituate High School: "PEAR Survey Expansion"
  • Scituate Council on Aging: "Nordic Walking Group"
  • Scituate Schools: "Nutrition Education Monitors"
  • Wampatuck Elementary School: "Elementary Calm Toolkits"
  • Scituate Town Library: "Non-Traditional Object Lending -- Fishing Poles"