The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 
— William Shakespeare


Scituate is filled with people with whom neighbors can rely and lifelong friendships are made. It’s a place where generosity is rampant and kindness and respect is taught from an early age. It’s a place where new ideas are taking shape every day. Each of us, probably without even realizing it, have contributed in some way, big or small, to help make Scituate the interesting and unique place it is. As a community, that makes us special. At SEF, fostering community pride through education and learning is one of our core aspirations. The impetus for the Rising Tide Project was a desire to shine a spotlight on some of the meaningful ways people around town are sharing their talents and gifts for the sole purpose of teaching, coaching, mentoring, or simply helping others. We salute the individuals in the stories below and appreciate the efforts by those who brought these “good news” stories to our attention.  

Nominated by Michelle Kendall
I met Ginny Vickers, an oncology massage therapist, in 2016 shortly after my daughter, Maeve, was diagnosed with cancer. Jen Jensen, one of the owners at Be Well Studios told me about an organization that provides funds for children in cancer treatment; the funds being used for therapies such as oncology massage. After contacting Lucy's Love Bus and getting my daughter enrolled in the program, we went to Maeve's first meeting with Ginny. We quickly learned that not only is Ginny gentle and caring in personality, but she also exudes peace and tranquility professionally. Maeve was in pain emotionally and physically, and is also extremely private. Ginny honored Maeve's emotions and even eased her physical pain. She provided Maeve with peace and comfort...two things her little body so desperately deserved, but could not find elsewhere. The nights Maeve saw Ginny were the best nights she slept in her two years of cancer treatment. And while I would have loved to show my appreciation monetarily, Ginny would never take a tip from me; a rule she has for her oncology clients. Ginny's hands and heart should be recognized in our town because she is a fiercely selfless and compassionate soul. She provides a place of peace for not only my daughter, but many others suffering from the unthinkable side effects of cancer session at a time.


Nominated by Vicky Carr

Maura is recognized for having started a community Mission to provided life necessities to the homeless of Boston. Additionally, Maura started a GoFundMe to assist employees of Jamie’s Restaurant, raising $13,000 for the employees that were affected by the devastating fire. She has brought the community together both young and old on a monthly basis for a wonderful cause.  It has shed a light for many of us on such a personal level.  Additionally her efforts have had a direct impact on older teenagers who want to get involved with the homeless....In this unpredictable world, she is a glimmer of hope in our wonderful Seaside Community. She makes me want to be more and do more!

Nominated by Kathleen McCarthy and Erin's sisters

Erin was chosen in middle school to participate in Project 351 where each town in Massachusetts is represented by a student for leadership projects. Through that networking, Erin has brought ideas and concepts back to Scituate. She has independently hosted both a food drive and clothing drive. She is heavily involved with Best Buddies program at the high school. She also volunteers for the Polar Express each year.

Nominated by Adele McCarthy

I would like to nominate Diane McCarthy. She was a teacher at Wampatuck for many years, and has left positively affected countless students. Her Principal described her as the “heart and soul” at Wampatuck, not only because she cared so deeply for the students, but also the other teachers and staff. She continues to support the school and staff. In town, you will see her at every fundraiser and helping every community member in need. She loves Scituate, more importantly, she loves the people in Scituate. She certainly made school better for kids in Scituate, and continues to make the town better. You will never see her without a smile, rooting for an underdog, or encouraging people (kids and adults alike) to reach their dreams. 

Nominated by Shan Morrissey

Cynde has been a Scituate resident for over 30 years. In the late 1990's she became concerned about the increasing loss of natural habitat in Scituate. As the town inevitably grew, she was concerned about clean water, forest fragmentation and open space. With her husband Wayne, she created the Maxwell Conservation Trust in order to raise awareness and create a community of Scituate residents that would work together to preserve open space, natural habitat and clean water for future generations. Cynde used her gifts of organization and collaboration to create that awareness and community. and volunteered tirelessly for years to bring her and Wayne's vision to fruition. Over the course of 20 years the Trust has preserved over 400 acres of land, raised awareness of water issues, and preserved the largest unfragmented forest in town. Despite intense hostility and negativity from some corners, and no financial gain, she persevered when many would have given up. We have her to thank for our preserved open space, protected habitat, and a new awareness of the preciousness of our water supply

Nominated by Cheryl LG Riedel

Whether it be her law career, her parenting of two extraordinary daughters, her work in the classroom, her church, or as a volunteer with CORSE, Mariah Avallone is a quiet and humble force for good, the epitome of grace under fire, and serves as an example of the best qualities of character that those who are lucky enough to know her could hope to emulate. Mariah is generous with her time and resources, her kindness is limitless, she shows up and puts in the work necessary without complaint or expectations. She has a knack for making herself an invaluable asset to whatever cause with which she aligns; she is reliable and tenacious, maintains her composure under duress, is quick to find creative solutions for unpredictable problems, and calms those around her with her attentive presence. Mariah encourages us all to treat one another as we would like to be treated, as she treats us and everyone around her through her thoughtful acts and being her authentic, indomitable self.

Nominated by Heidi Branca

Erin welcomes all students/people into Scituate by being pleasant, volunteering her time to help others, and having a ready hand to help. Erin has been part of Gates Best Buddies for the past 2 years and embraces the responsibility of being supportive while promoting friendship and respect. During the summer, Erin volunteered at Briggs Stable as a leader for the horses used for therapeutic riding. Erin followed directions, focused on her job, and helped provide a meaningful experience for the riders while being supportive and encouraging. Errn uses her gifts to welcome all. To me, Erin uses her gifts to make each day in Scituate a better place for all who live here.

Nominated by Paul Barrett

Ed has worked tirelessly as an officer and Board Member with Scituate Little League Baseball for many years (and long after his kids passed through), was President of Scituate Friends of Music (and involved as an officer for years), and donates his time for several weeks each year to instruct the Gates Middle School Band on Marching Band technique (again it's been awhile since he's had a child at Gates)!


Nominated by Kate Pescatore

I would like to nominate the Hatherly School Student Government for their efforts in making Hatherly School more than just a classroom learning environment. Already this year, the students have helped to organize a hurricane fundraiser that raised almost $1,200. They are also organizing a coat drive at school to help those less fortunate than them. Just this past week, they worked to organize a Veterans Day Lunch. Over thirty veterans came to school to have lunch with their Hatherly student. It is a wonderful way for the students to show their respect for our veterans.

Nominated by Annmarie Galvin

John is a very special person. As someone in long term recovery from substance use disorder, he started attending Scituate FACTS Coalition meetings a few years ago. He offered to share his personal experience as a person in recovery.  As a retired addiction counselor, amazing things have happened including a new recovery support center that offers free help to family members and individuals seeking treatment and resources. Free support is offered every day at South Shore Peer Recovery as well as volunteer and advocacy opportunities and free educational workshops, many facilitated by John himself. You won't hear much from him about all this, because he is most humble.

Nominated by Mimi Svenning

Ann is the Director of Children's Services at the Scitute Public Library. She manages a sprawling, carefully selected collection of children's books and media and coordinates many activities like the Lego Club and boys' and girls' book clubs. She and her assistant, Sue D'Acangelo have created a warm, welcoming, enticing space where children are supported and encouraged to love books and satisfy their curiosity. It is in this environment that Scituate children expand their knowledge and their imaginations. It is here that they take those all-important early steps on the lifelong journey of learning.

Nominated by Julie Burgess

Frank volunteered as a coach for Scituate Girls Soccer for over a decade. He has also volunteered as a coach for the Scituate Seahawks Hockey for 7 years and running. Additionally, he serves on both Boards for Scituate Soccer Club and Seahawks Hockey. He also jumps in to help out with other sports as needed. Frank's goal in coaching has always been to encourage young girls and boys in Scituate to believe in themselves and be the best they can be.

Nominated by Shan Morrissey

Bob Corbin is a long term Scituate resident that taught in the Scituate schools for over 30 years, and a substitute teacher for many years after that. Bob is also an avid local historian, and has one of the most extensive collections of Scituate history in the area. His gift is to teach others (younger than he) about the impact of history on who we are today. Bob has always made himself available to the community to share his collection of Scituate artifacts as well as his knowledge. In addition, he has been volunteering at Gates Middle school for almost ten years, despite his (sorry Bob) advanced age and all that comes with it. Several years ago students in one of the history classes in which he volunteered asked the principal if they could give him his own parking spot at Gates. They created and installed a sign for the reserved spot. As he has slowed down a little, he is now volunteering solely in Jay Gillespie's classes, and we miss seeing him as much. He has shared his gifts with us, and continues to each day.

Nominated by Jennifer Duff

Colleen has opened her heart and home to many in this town. From being very active and involved supporting our young athletes, to creating an environment that supports young children and adolescence to become more caring responsible individuals through her 4H involvement and activities she provides at her home and farm. She is friendly, kind, and giving. She loves this town and is passionate at giving back however she can.....and she is one amazing Mom!

Nominated by Heidi Branca

Sue has worked for the Scituate Public Schools for many years supporting students, and in the past several years, supporting all staff with use of technology. Sue thinks outside of the box and problem solves with relish. She embraces technology and all it can do to support students and staff in their learning and teaching. Her willingness to reach out and offer suggestions, ideas, and support is a hallmark of her personality. Sue is the mother of 2 students who have gone to Scituate Schools, and is married to a retired Scituate Fireman. She works hard for Scituate, and daily goes above and beyond to use her gifts to make Scituate a better place for us all.


Nominated by Emily Mathews

George Sullivan is the head custodian for Scituate Public Schools. People may wonder why it would matter for a custodian to be as kind, compassionate, and helpful as George. What I've discovered is that every time someone comes to George for help it is at a critical moment before their event starts. Maybe things aren't going according to plan, or something was forgotten at home, or they just need an extra set of hands. Almost magically, George will appear. His big smile and positive attitude envelops them, and no matter the emergency, big or small, George puts their mind at ease, and assures them that everything will be ok. This is George's gift. All day long he encounters people who are at their most stressed, and instantly diffuses those stressful situations with kindness, compassion, and the guarantee that it will all work out. And of course, it does!


Nominated by Chris Jernberg

Through endless volunteering, commitment and dedication, Robyn Sullivan has always strived to make Scituate an incredible town for our children to grow up in. Some of those highlights include: *Having Lucky, the Celtic's mascot, at many Cushing events *Making it possible for Patrick Chung to come to a youth football camp and play with the kids and sign autographs *As President of SCICOH she has worked tirelessly to maintain a fun and safe program for both the boys and girls *She was instrumental in organizing the Scituate HS/Hingham HS game at Fenway Park *She makes it possible for SCICOH Cheerleaders to visit the Celtics Dancers to watch them practice *She was the PTO President at Cushing *She has made huge contributions to the Scituate Football Boosters *She and her husband, Shawn, often contribute Celtics tickets as an auction item to many of the fundraisers in town. The list goes on... We are so fortunate that Robyn chose Scituate for her home to raise her children because she has helped the rest of us make raising our own here that much sweeter.

Nominated by Beth Monaco

Albert Monaco is an outstanding citizen. He is a member of the St. Mary’s Church, Knights of Columbus, and proud grandfather. He has always donated his time to his church, Knights of Columbus, and any child he comes in contact with. He is an amazing artist and loves to share true and make believe stories. He is a positive individual and is a true gift to Scituate and his family.

Nominated by Maureen Keys

Nancy Pasko brought Appalachian Service Project (ASP) to Scituate. ASP is an organization that repairs homes making them warmer, safer and drier for families in need in Appalachia. She participated in ASP in Cohasset for years. This is the 12th year of Scituate’s ASP. Nancy is the head coordinator/chaperone for the group. She brings 60 teenagers and 24 adults on a 9 day trip each summer. The ASP program starts in September to fundraise and mentally prepare the team for this trip. These trips spread hope and kindness to deserving families. The teens learn a wide range of building skills and gain a depth of compassion for their fellow Americans they would otherwise never be exposed to in Scituate. Some teens from our ASP groups have ended up working entire summers for ASP as college students. ASP has been a positive program for teens in our town and has certainly boosted many college applications for our SHS and private school students. Nancy spends innumerable hours preparing for the trip, running meetings and acting as the head nurse on these trips. These trips have been life changing for both students and parents of Scituate thanks to Nancy.

Nominated by Shannon Quinn

Pat has been leading and organizing a monthly food donation for Pine Street Inn in Boston for over 30 years. Once a month, she calls all of the people who volunteer and reminds them and then oversees the drop off and always has a kind word to anyone who is dropping off. Until recently, I believe, she always went in to serve all of the food that was dropped/donated. I have been making the food and dropping it to her for 14 years and I am alway amazed at her spirit and generosity. I am sure I will not be the only one to nominate her and others will know a lot more about all the good she has done. 

Nominated by Robin Glazier

Janet Cornacchio has tirelessly stewarded the Scituate Arts Association and has been deeply involved in the success and longevity of the Fromt Street Art Gallery for the last decade or more. Janet is a Gallery artist and serves on the Gallery Committee. Janet is also the President of the SAA board. Janet is also involved in the condo association where the Gallery is located and has been instrumental in the SAA’s commitment to maintaining the mortgage on the Gallery in order to enable artists to get their art out to the public. In order to maintain the mortgage Janet is constantly looking at ways to continue to raise money through the SAA in order to subsidize the Gallery during months when sales are low. Janet’s dedication to the SAA mission statement of “keeping Arts Alive! in Scituate” is unmatched. Janet volunteers countless hours participating in the promotion of the Front Street Art Gallery and it’s artists as well as promoting and supporting the SAA. Janet volunteers countless hours on the board doing, among many things, grant writing and tracking in her committed pursuit of preservation efforts at the Historic Bailey Ellis House which serves as the headquarters for the SAA and which has been brought back from the brink due to Janet’s broad vision and dedication to the community’s right to enjoy that historically significant property into the future. Janet supports community art education through the Gallery and the SAA and writes a weekly educational art column for the Scituate Mariner. Janet has a long-standing relationship with the Art Department at the Scituate High School and has been instrumental for many years in coordinating the High School Art Show hosted at the Front Street Art Gallery each February, as well as seeking donations to offer scholarships to high school artist pursuing college art studies. Janets background in curatorial work, her promotion and her broad support of community art education, and her commitment and dedication to the success of the Front Street Art Gallery and the Scituate Arts Association has greatly benefited the SAA, the Front Street Art Gallery, the High School artists, and the Town’s own community projects, specifically the Crosswalk Project and the Snowplow Project, where she offered her assistance and guidance to Girl Scouts who submitted applications for those projects. I could go on and on. Janet is very civic minded and without her leadership, generosity, patience and commitment, I do feel that Scituate would be less-fantastic. Janet rides under the radar in her pursuit of bringing art to the community, thereby enhancing Scituate’s cultural footprint, and I am pleased to recommend her for the Rising Tide Project.

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