Calling all businesses!

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Passport Days! At SEF, we believe life’s journey should be filled with opportunities to learn new things, to be curious, and to connect with others in positive, happy ways.  During Passport Days, our youngest residents can start that journey right here in Scituate. This free community­ event is for families and caregivers with young children to enjoy in the days after older playmates have left for school and before preschool starts.

A business participates by offering something free or discounted that week, or during a specific time frame that week.  Examples of potential offers include: a demo class offered during that week, an activity that involves both children and caregivers, a discount off of total purchases made, or a coupon made available to Passport Days participants.

We see this as a win-win: your business has the opportunity to foster long-standing relationships with members of our community - i.e. lifelong customers -  while the Foundation aims to raise awareness for our mission.

Register by July 27th to be considered for inclusion in Passport Days. Completing the form does not guarantee a slot, however, our committee will work diligently to ensure fairness and a variety of activities. Thank you!

Please consider sef's annual corporate sponsorship starting at $100.
Businesses will be recognized in print and digital marketing efforts throughout the year.