Erdman - outdoor exploration area 

Q: How has the SEF grant made a difference?

Our new Building Area has sparked a renewed interest in exploring and building with natural materials. Children are learning that there is so much to do and learn in an outdoor classroom beyond gross motor play.  We are seeing increased friendship and teamwork as they build and solve problems together and increased language and vocabulary as they describe the shapes they are using, the structures they are trying to build and the concepts, especially balance and gravity, that they are exploring.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received from program participants?

We are observing an eagerness to participate in open and focused explorations. The best feedback is hearing children’s exclamations of delight as they solve a problem.  “Look, I did it!” “It worked!” “I can show you how I did it!” They take great pride in their accomplishments and in helping one another.

Q: What have you been able to do with help from SEF grant?

The grant has allowed us to create a new, inviting outdoor classroom area by providing the funds to purchase a variety of materials to share and explore. We are able to expand our children’s interest in experimenting with new science and math concepts. Our Building Area shows our commitment to hands-on outdoor education.

Debby Drain
Director, Erdman Preschool

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