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Science & Technology, interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements.

STEM to STEAM: Art in K-12 Is Key to Building a Strong Economy

As the nation embarks on a new school year, education leaders from President Obama on down are facing a renewed commitment to the STEM subjects -- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics -- as a driver of innovation.

STEAM Rising: Why we need to put the arts into STEM education.

But the STEAM movement isn’t about spending 20 percent less time on science, technology, engineering, and math to make room for art. It’s about sparking students’ imagination and helping students innovate through hands-on STEM projects. And perhaps most importantly, it’s about applying creative thinking and design skills to these STEM projects so that students can imagine a variety of ways to use STEM skills into adulthood.

Benefits of Intergenerational Learning

If we can improve the standing of older adults in society, and nurture what they can bring through intergenerational connections, then we can achieve a better community with a better quality of life for all ages.

The Importance of Sensory Play                

Early childhood educators like to emphasize that young children learn with all their senses. From the time they are born children learn about their world by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and hearing. Which is why it is important to have many sensory experiences available at school and also at home.     

How Solving the Rubik’s Cube can make your Brain Sharper                   

While there are a number of ways to test your spatial and problem-solving abilities, one of the most popular ones is the Rubik’s cube 

(and check out the video!)

Intro to Maker Spaces

Makerspaces--also sometimes called hackerspaces--can be any area where people gather to make and create. These spaces often include 3D printers, but do not necessarily have to. In makerspaces, people share supplies, skills, and ideas, and often work together on projects.