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Multi-generational yoga

Q: How has the SEF grant made a difference?

With SEF's help I have brought a program to our community that benefits all.  Multigenerational Yoga (offered second Thursday of the month at 10:30am at Scituate Library) is a lighthearted introductory yoga class with no age boundaries. From preschoolers to seniors we stretch, practice balance and use breath work at various levels.  Youngest ones fly like airplanes while others might use a chair for support.  We all become ageless for a few minutes during meditation. Afterwards we enjoy some social time making new friends from all generations.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received from program participants?

In only two sessions so far, the feedback has been overwhelming positive.  I've had several requests for more classes at different times and locations to accommodate more participants.  

Q: What have you been able to do with help from SEF grant?

I am passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga and meditation.  I believe that with collective yoga and meditation we can strengthen a community. One community at a time we can build peaceful, compassionate confident children and adults which will then restore balance on a larger scale.  The SEF grant allows us to do our part by offering free yoga to all.

Kim Spires
Scituate, Massachusetts