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tell us about a time you’ve “weathered the storm”

pitch line open 9/13-9/15

Do you have a story to tell? SEF is looking for a few storytellers!

No experience necessary. 
SEF invites residents, ages 14+, to tell their story.


Your story should be true.
Your story should be about something that has happened to you (or something that has affected you, or something you have personal knowledge of) that falls under the theme of “Weathering the Storm.”
Call (339) 526-4338 and leave a recorded 1(ish)-minute summary of your story. Be sure to leave your name, phone number, and an email address. The window for submission is 9/13-15. Sorry, we are not able to grant any extensions. Selected performers will be notified via email and on social media 9/20. 

By sharing a 1(ish)-minute version of your story on our pitch line, you agree to commit to the workshop series (to receive coaching from award-winning, professional storytellers), a rehearsal, and the final performance timeline listed below. There is no cost for selected participants.

Workshops: 9/29 & 10/6 4-630 | 10/20 & 10/27 2-4
Brush Up | Cue to Cue: 11/1 at 6:30pm
Performance: 11/2 at 7pm


"the pitch" FAq

  • What is SEF looking for in a good story?

  • Your story needs to have the potential to be 5-6 minutes long

  • Your story should have a strong start with an interesting lead sentence

  • Your story needs a clear beginning, middle (with a problem or "conflict"), and a clear ending so the audience will know the story is over

  • As a storyteller, you should have inflection in your voice to help connect with the audience

    What are some examples of a story about "Weathering the Storm?"

  • "My sister-in-law called me out of the blue. Her first words to me were, "Your brother is in detox and has a debilitating problem with alcohol..."

  • "I now faced a decision. Quit my job and stay at home with my beautiful baby or head back to the career at which I excelled and loved..."

  • "We were $40,000 in credit card debt. It was time to shovel out…"

  • "He turned to me and burst into tears. 'I'm not sure I'm happy with our life and I don't know what to do about it…"

  • "A week after we were notified that our son's adoption was going to go through, I went to the doctor. “Congratulations! You're pregnant!…”

  • "We dropped our youngest daughter off at UCONN. I turned to my husband and said, “Now what?…'"

  • "As the executor of my parents’ estate, I had no idea there were so many legal webs to untangle…"

    How many spaces are available for the storytelling event?

  • There are a maximum of 10 spaces available for selected storytellers.

    When will I find out if I've been chosen to tell my story live on November 2nd?

  • When you leave your story recording, please be sure to leave a contact phone number and email address. We will have our final decision by 9/20 and we will announce the selected storytellers via email and our Facebook page