Sample projects that were funded by grants through the education foundations in our neighboring towns.


  • Little Bits for Education, $4,307. For the purchase of “Little Bits Kits” and professional development time for teachers. Little Bits promotes invention, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in a 21 st Century learning model.
  • Stop Motion Animation Course *$9,000; for the purchase of equipment (cameras, iMacs, lens, licenses for Dragonframe, power adaptors, lens mounters and hardware); to employ the creative use of technology toward self-expression, collaboration, story boarding and project planning. Stop Motion was a continuation of a grant (Photography Course) begun in 2014-2015, which was awarded $17,900. *$4,000 from Photography Course was re-allocated to Stop Motion. At the time of the grant application, there were no digital cameras in the system.
  • Drug Story Theater $3,000. To cover the cost of 2 presentations of the improvisational theater group performed by teens in recovery. In collaboration with Safe Harbor Coalition to promote social and emotional well-being of students.


  • “Inspiration for Robotics” workshop for teachers
  • Steel drums for music enrichment 
  • Shakespeare Now Theater Company production 


  • Raising Young Weather Watchers: Installing and Upgrading Weather Stations in Hingham's Elementary Schools.
  • Close Reading for the Common Core professional development by Nancy Boyles Ph.D. / Nationally Recognized Close Reading Expert
  • Field-friendly and Greenhouse-ready Digital Tools 


  • More to Math with Legos! The 1st and 2nd graders at Vinal Elementary School are learning math with Legos! That’s right. Adding and subtracting concepts are reinforced by manipulating different color Legos. Individual or small group instruction is achieved in a tactical game or whole group instruction is also available with the accompanying software available for a white board.
  • Norwell High School Math Team Students from the high school participate as a team in several competitions throughout the year. We are also a host location. All of these competitions require entry fees which are generously covered through our foundation. We hope that the students of the math team and Mu Alpha Theta continue to challenge themselves and stay at the top of their division!
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras (Norwell) Two FLIR ONE cameras are being used at the middle school to uncover both cold and warming properties in both science and technology. These thermal imagers attach to an iPhone and allow students across all grades hands-on and observational experiences. These devices are providing benefits in learning aligned with the Massachusetts science standards as well as Norwell’s STEM initiative.


  • Backpacks of Opportunity and Knowledge (BOOKS!) (Marshfield) This grant would provide children attending the Hand in Hand program the opportunity to checkout literacy backpacks.  The backpacks contain a variety of materials for students to use with their families in order to increase early literacy skills.  For example, a backpack may include The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, a non-fiction book about caterpillars, plastic figures of a caterpillar and butterfly, and play dough for creating a caterpillar.  Each backpack will include suggested activities for the students to do with their parents.
  • CSI Marshfield – Forensic Science Laboratories Materials (Marshfield) The grant will provide materials for a high school forensic science class.  The “Mystery of Lyle and Louise” kit sets clear goals and expectations for students and links them to the National Science Education Standards.