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Q: How has the SEF grant made a difference?

The SEF grant has enabled us to provide a valuable opportunity to this first group of seniors to LEARN and ADAPT to new technology that might otherwise be unavailable and that will provide direct and immediate benefits for them.  Along with the added enjoyment of developing a constructive and social relationship with a younger person, this model offers unique insight and connection from the student to enhance the learning opportunity.  The grant also carries the advantage of being perpetual as we will be able to continue the program after the initial piloting for future seniors, so the benefit will multiply and continue to work for more seniors and the Senior Center long term.

Q: What kind of feedback have you received from program participants?

We have some very excited seniors who are looking forward to beginning their directed use of iPad technology and are grateful for this opportunity.  Many have struggled with learning things on their own or have NOT been able to purchase and use any of the newer technology in order to develop an aptitude themselves or to have access to important information and benefits.

Q: What have you been able to do with help from SEF grant?

Complete a MAJOR purchase of electronic equipment that will serve the seniors and the Senior Center for several years as we promote the benefits of using this technology to our senior community and provide both seniors and their high school counterparts with the social benefits of a mentor-student relationship.

Linda Hayes
Council on Aging
Scituate, Massachusetts

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